New to lighting. Need suggestions

This is my bridge that I built for my train due to space it is a display piece and not part of a full layout……yet.


there are 6 red warning “lights” on the top of the bridge 2 at each end and 2 in the middle. I would like to have the flashing and wondered if Brickstuff staff or anyone else could recommend what I would need to make these light up and flash with all 6 flashing at the same time.

Another option I would like would be to have the ends flash together and the 2 in the middle alternate those


thanks for advice and glad to be aboard (pun intended)

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  • Hello, and thank you for your post!  That bridge looks fantastic.  Looking at the photo, is there a space where you could collect the wires from LEDs and connect them to an effect controller?  The controller itself could be small but you'd need a central place (ideally somewhere in the center of the bridge) where the light wires could be collected.  We can supply up to 24"/60cm LED wires-- would that be long enough for you to have a path to run the wires over to a central location where all six plugs could connect to a single controller?

  • I can take some closer more detailed pics if that will help more. Should i post them here or is there somewhere else you would like me to send / post

  • Josh White Here is fine, thank you!  Also, if there's a video anywhere online showing the kind of effect you're looking for with the lights (i.e., from a real bridge or some other indicator light), we always like seeing those links as well.

  • Rob Klingberg here's a video I found on YouTube to show the effect I'm looking for. The slower of the 2 lights is what I had in mind but I think either will look good. Will take some more detailed pics of my bridge for placement soon.


  • Josh White Thanks-- that video shows two different patterns.  One is a flash and the other simulates a rotating beacon.  Which are you after?  And do all the lights on the bridge have the same effect, or are some different?

  • Rob Klingberg I am after the Flash and all 6 to have the same effect.

  • Josh White OK, thanks.  And just one last question-- all flashing together, or at different times/rates?

    If we assume the main controller will sit in the center, beneath the top center girder formation (the controller is as big as a 2x4 LEGO plate, so pretty small), will 24" wires be long enough to reach from all lights over to the main center controller location?

  • Yeah 24 should be enough to cover the distance, possibly even give me better space to conceal them

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  • Josh White OK, and all flashing together?

    What power source will you be using? (3xAA battery pack is the simplest and will last for many days of continuous use with this setup)

  • the 3xAA source sounds best.....will probably have the lights on during shows so that would be 6-8 hours for possibly 3 day weekend......only use sparingly at home 

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