Hogwarts Castle - Accessory kit

Hi there!

Finally completed installing the lights in the castle! Took a long time as the set is at my mom’s place and I’m not there as much.

I was one of the first ones to order the set, but probably one of the last to complete :P

The set is absolutely amazing! So many details and effects! And very cool sound effects too!

I do have two questions though:

1. Is there a way to turn off the complete set? I haven’t found it. If not, would be great to have that included in next (bigger) sets. Having some lights turned on forever is not the best. And having to take out the power adapter all the time is not either. I am using a remote controlled power outlet for it now, so it’s all good :)

2. The lights in Hagrid's Hut are very bright. They kind of stand out from the whole set and looking at it shows only lights instead of the hut. There probably isn’t a way to dim them, but I was thinking of turning them around and use them as a sort of spotlight on the hut. Anyone know the best way to do that?

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  • Hi Paul, thanks for your message-- I'm glad you are enjoying your set!

    To answer your questions:

    1. Great suggestion.  We have implemented this on our subsequent kits, but for Hogwarts we do not have it.  Using the remote controlled power outlet us likely the best solution as you have found.
    2. Good feedback on the Hut lights.  One thing you might try is replacing the trans-black/clear 1x1 plates with white plates, if you have any of these.  This would reduce the brightness substantially but perhaps it would give the effect you were looking for.  Another option might be to place a second plate on top of the lights (again, trans-black)-- this would dim the light somewhat, though I'm not sure how it would overall in terms of thickness compared to the rest of the Hut.  Let us know what you try and if any of the solutions works to your satisfaction.

    Thank you again for being an early customer of the Hogwarts kit!  All the best to you in 2021.

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  • Rob Klingberg

    thank you for the suggestions! Will definitely try those out and share the results!

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