Hogwarts problem.

Hi. I am installing the light kit for Hogwarts and I am up to step 147. The problem is my lights don't work and the connected board for the lights in the dark arts lab and Umbridges office are not connected to anything. I have been over the instructions a number of times up at no point do you connect this board into the circuit. HELP.


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  • Hi, thank you for your message.  When you say your lights don't work, did you try the light test #4 in Step 102?  Was everything working up until that point?

    If everything was working with test #4 in Step 102, then we can narrow the problem down.

    As for the lights in the Dark Arts Lab and Umbridge's Office, that adapter doesn't get connected to power until Step 182, so you don't have to worry about that one for now.  The important thing to find out is whether all of the lights in test #4 work, and if so, please complete test #5 in Step 148 and let us know if those lights work as well.

    Thank you.

  • Rob Klingberg 

  • Jim Martin-Kaye 

  • Jim Martin-Kaye 

    Hi Rob. Test 102 is fine. When I connect up for test 5, there is a light on each of the connecting boards but no more lights anywhere that should come on except for all the ones in the previous test. All connections appear fine but no power from the board in the tower to the lights.


  • Jim Martin-Kaye Hi Jim, thanks for the details.  When the lights on the connecting boards are on but no lights are working, that's usually a sign that the "INPUT" and "OUTPUT" plugs are reversed.  On the BRANCH09 boards, it can be especially easy to swap the INs and OUTs.  Can you double check once more and let me know?  Thanks!

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