Falcon Light Kit Malfuction

I have had my Falcon set aside for a few months while I rebuilt the Docking Bay.  Long story short, everything was working just fine before I moved it (even tested after I moved it).  Now that I have completed the DB rebuild I placed the Falcon back in the DB.  Now the lights come on but the ramp only opens, none of the sounds work, the cannons do not work and there is an intermittent "click" sound coming out of the speaker.  I have not changed the power sources.  I did test with different power sources but the results are the same.  Any thoughts on what the issues might be?

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  • Hmm this seems very odd.  When you say  you haven't changed the power sources, have you changes *how* those power sources are connected to the Falcon?  For example, before the power was directly connected but now it's passing through some new connecting wire?  Just trying to isolate any potential changes that might not seem like changes.

    Also, do you think the battery in your remote transmitter could be low?  We have a video showing how to replace the batteries if so (see attached).

    Let me know if any of this helps.  Thank you!

  • Yes, I have changed "how" it's connected.  I am now using the new power connectors that pass power from MILs plate to MILs plate - however - I did eliminate those connections as the issue by testing with direct connections to the power sources.  The results were the same.  I even brought into play different power sources (USB connections I always use for testing any lighting setup) - no change.  I thought about the remote battery, but the LED on it lights up and I can cycle through the patterns for the Falcon's docking bay lights, just no sounds, no engine lights and I cannot control the boarding ramp (it opens when power is applied but stays open).


    All lights work.  Boarding ramp works (re-adjusted opening & closing end points).  I now have engine sounds.  Both upper and lower cannons light up but NO cannon sounds.  Still have an intermittent click sound in the speaker.  The "click" sound is not there when only the main controller power is enabled, just when the second power connection is enabled.  I hope this helps.

  • Roy Brewer Thanks, glad you were able to get some more of the kit functions up and running, but still mysterious about the laser sounds.  Do you have power connected to two separate power supplies?  So, three separate supplies in total (two for the Falcon, one for the docking bay)?  At minimum the power supplies for the Falcon need to be kept separate and isolated-- the clicking sounds are a typical symptom of either (a) too little power (current) or (b) both power inputs (lights & sound) coming from one supply (regardless of its current output capability).

  • I have followed the guidelines you have set recommending separate & isolated power supplies since the beginning.  Yes, I have one for the Docking Bay and two for the Falcon.  Upon further investigation and testing, the issue has been narrowed down to the "Laser" sound module.  I have swapped out the power supply feeding that module 3 times.  No matter which supply I use (including the one for the docking bay - while not connected to the Docking Bay) the issue remains - intermittent clicking/popping sound in speaker connected to "Laser" sound module and no Laser cannon sounds.

  • Now I have no boarding ramp control.

  • One last update Rob.  The "Laser" sound module is definitely damaged.  While checking cables (with power to the module on) my knuckle touched the module and some lights flickered on and off - including the main controller LED which was not powered on.  Whatever the damage is to the laser sound module may have caused damage to the main controller, thus loss of control of the boarding ramp.  I disconnected the axle to the boarding ramp servo to test - when powered up the servo just keeps running.  Bottom line is I need to replace the main controller module and the "Laser" sound module.  I don't know if they are repairable.  Can you help?

  • Roy Brewer Thank you for the great troubleshooting.  If you want to send us back the main controller and the laser sound module, I'll see if they can be repaired.  Will this work?

  • Thanks Rob!  I will get them in the mail to you in the next day or so.

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  • Hey Rob, I packed both items (forgot the speaker was connected) and shipped it out today.  You should get the box on Wednesday.  Thanks again for your help with this.

  • Roy Brewer Thank you.  Hopefully we can diagnose and fix for you once we have the parts in our shop.

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