Troubleshooting procedure for Falcon


I'm working on installing the Falcon light kit. I'm about halfway through, tested with one of the effects boards connected and the engine lights and sounds worked fine, all the connected lights lit, all was well. I added the second effects board (gun turret) the lights lit but the engine lights won't light and the kit doesn't respond to volume inputs etc. Disconnected the second effects board to return to previous working state and got the same result. So now I'm worried I zapped something. 

Do you have a suggested process for troubleshooting? I can confirm that the remote is working I can see the IR "light" in my cell phone camera, so it seems to be functional.

I'm using two lego 8881 power boxes to power the system.


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  • Hi Chris McPherson , apologies for the delay in responding!  This sounds like an odd symptom-- so even now with the laser turret sound and effect board disconnected, nothing else works?  Is the green LED on the master effect controller board on?  Are you using rechargeable batteries in the battery box (not recommended)?

    Please send us a note to with the latest status, and also with a video showing what works and what doesn't (if you're able to send video), and we'll do what we can to get you up and running!

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