Marquee - Yea! (And question(s))

First of all, hurrah - cue balloons and festive music!

And the questions aren't even hard - but I already know where at least one or two of these could go.  (Which isn't to say I'm impatient about the roller coaster, but that *is* the dark part of the amusement park today.)

  • Curious: what's a use case for side channel Channel 4?  The attached PDF on the page - splendid work, by the by - I just can't wrap my head around the application
  • When one says "large" displays, what sort of load capacity are we talking per channel?
  • Is said "large" impacted by extended runs, say, I put one set on the ticket booth of said roller coaster, and run out 3x 24" wires off the adapter board out to marquee up to the Coaster?

... ah, I miss lighting projects.  Been away being a grown-up for too long the last few months...

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  • Hi Paul, to answer your questions:

    * Channel 4 was made for the four front lights on the Palace Cinema marquee-- they're not part of the 3-channel cycle but they still need some effect.  So they flash on/off on an every other cycle pattern while the main marquee is on a 3-step cycle.  Kind of like a piece of music in 2/4 time and 3/4 time at the same time.  Does this help?

    *  Probably 50 LEDs per channel (so a total marquee of up to 150 LEDs)

    *  No that shouldn't be an issue

    If you're thinking about this for the roller coaster, you might want to wait.  We have something *much* better coming for that.

  • Rob Klingberg well, helpful on every point - nailed it!  ;)

     I like kits, but it’s handy to have an ample supply of options in my BrickStuff tackle box as well... I’ll toss one in the next order.   Thank you sir!

  • Paul George No, as always, thank you! :-)

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