New Millennium Falcon # 75192

We've received many questions about our plans for a lighting kit for the beautiful new Millennium Falcon (LEGO set #75192).  We have developed a kit for this model that includes not only lights, but SOUND as well.

We're working to get the kits ready for shipment beginning in February 2018.  There are so many amazing features in the kit that we had to create a website dedicated just to the kit:

Plenty of photos, videos (with sound!) and detail about this amazing kit.

I'm starting this new Forum post so anyone out there who either has the set or who has ideas about what they'd like to see in a lighting and sound kit can let us know.  We're still early in the process, so make your voice known!

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  • Hi there,

    First time poster,


    I am looking to put lighting on my Falcon. The Light kit looks amazing, but my plan is to have it in a coffee table so there’s a few things in the pack I don’t need.

    I only want to fit the following lights:

    - Mandible + side lights

    - Rear engine lights

    - Undercarriage and ramp lights, but I don’t need these to be magnet controlled.

    - And the main light in the cockpit.


    Could you please advise me what individual parts I would need to purchase to be able to achieve this.

  • Sam Ridley Hi Sam, thanks for your post.  I see your e-mail as well.  Will be in touch via e-mail to answer your questions.

  • Rob Klingberg great thank you!

  • what is the best premium kit to buy main differences??

  • gary chapman Hi again Gary, thanks for the questions.  You can find the differences between the kit options on the site on the Product Pricing tab.  Let us know if you have any questions after reviewing that.

  • What is the status for the delivery of "March 2019" orders?

  • Blaine Young Hi Blaine, we're going to be sending a newsletter to the March customers soon.  Net-net, because of the weather up here in Minnesota recently, our office has had to be closed much of the past two weeks, which means our production has been delayed by almost two weeks.  We're still working as quickly as possible to start shipping as close to the original planned date of March 4, but there was no way to plan for what's turned out to be the worst winter here in over 20 years.  Again, more details will be in the update newsletter, so look for that soon.

  • "Infrared receiver and 9-button IR remote to control lighting effect and sound functions" - so what exactly do the 9 buttons do? 


    I have taken a guess, but would appreciate confirmation.


    A - power toggle
    B - start engines
    C - fire guns
    ^ - volume up
    v - volume down
    < - ?
    O - ?randomly play one of the 3 MP3 sounds
    > - ?

  • noski Good guess!  Here's the full details:


  • Rob Klingberg Great! Thanks for the quick reply.

  • falcon build adding the red side lights  from empire and the front white spots 

  • pj barnard Looking good!  Thanks for sharing.

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  • Rob Klingberg  thanks rob i will more photos when im finished 

  • Hello again everyone, i was wondering is it possible somebody could help me with the lights and sound syncing im stuck on that as in how to wire it up ? Any help would be great 

  • pj barnard Hi PJ, can you be more specific?  What's not working?  The instructions show how to connect everything, so if you are having specific issues let me know and we'll get it figured out.

  • Hi, everyone. I´m new in this thing. My son has started assembling the lights on the space ship but we lost where to put the lights. Is anyone who can help me? Thnks

  • Martin Riquelo Hi, thanks for your message.  Did you buy the kit from us?  And you're saying the printed booklet that came with the kit has been lost?

  • Hello,

    I’m interested in this kit but I have some questions.

    1. Do you send it to Colombia?

    2. I’ve been searching the LEGO batteries 8878 but I didn’t find it; do you know where can I buy it?

    3. There is enough space inside Millenium Falcon to install the batteries 8878?

    thanks a lot

  • Not a fan of Star Wars but did anyone see the Black Friday pricing for this on amazon. 40% off! 


    I watched it go live and I swear it lasted 2 seconds. Looked like the quantity was one and the waitlist was just as short it seems. 


    Didnt realize after all the advertising that the deal would only be for one set lol!

  • Andres Salas Hello Andres, thank you for your questions and apologies for the delay in responding! Yes, we do ship to Colombia. As for where to purchase the 8878 batteries, I would suggest looking on They have many, but prices are rising of course since LEGO has stopped making them.

    And yes, there is enough room inside the Falcon to install with the battery packs.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you again!

  • Michael Organiscak Wow that is pretty great pricing!  Too bad it lasted only a minute as you said.  I know many people were probably chomping at the bit to get that set for that price!

  • As of now, what would be the best powering option? I'm so close in pulling the trigger on this.  This setup makes interior of the lego UCS boing boing!

  • Stearns I'm glad you are interested in the kit!  Since LEGO discontinued their rechargeable LiPo battery pack recently, honestly the most flexible power option is the USB power.  With this, you'll get two custom USB cables that you can connect to any standard USB power supply (wall wart/mains adapter, etc.) or USB battery bank.  Depending on the size/capacity of the USB battery banks you choose, you might be able to have the power be fully contained inside the Falcon.

    Note that you will need two of whichever USB power source options you select (two wall warts/mains adapters, two USB battery banks, etc.).  These need to be separate supplies (i.e., can't use a "Y" adapter to connect both cables to a single supply) because of the high power requirements of the kit (making loud sound requires a lot of power!).

    I hope this information is helpful.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if there is any additional information we can provide.

  • Any plans for a Light my Star destroyer #75252?

  • I am wondering if I can get some assistance, I bought the kit with a second cannon.  I have installed the kit according to the instructions but I cannot get the second cannon to activate or fire.

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