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My name is Alex Alaniz and I would like to ask if using a 5 volt 3amp power source to light up some of your pico lights will damage them or short them out?


I am working on building a large model and wanted to add a 5 volt 3 amp power source to light up the other lights in the model.  there are a few places that your pico lights would fit great and wanted to use about 6 pico lights connected to your 9 plug adaptor and connect that to the 5 volt 3amp power source.  


I just want to make sure I don't burn out the lights or shorten their life span.


Thank you very much for your help.


Alex Alaniz

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  • Hi Alex, thanks for your message and for your call to our office today.  I would definitely not use a 3A power source to directly power the LEDs-- this will radically shorten their lifespan.  I would think it would also shorten the lifespan of other LEDs connected to the power as well-- is there a reason you need 3A of power?  We've tested over 100 LEDs with 1A and they work just fine.  1A is the max amperage we recommend for our system, and it's the max rating for the wires we use.

  • Hi Rob,


    Thank you for your help.  I am currently building the eaglemoss build the delorean parts kit which is a subscription based model kit that has part shipped every month.  there have been a great deal of aftermarket parts made for this kit, one of them being a power modification to power the additional lights and other modifications offered.  the power mod is rated at 5volts 3amps to power the entire car and all the modifications. 

    the LED pico lights I wanted to add from brickstuff was in addition to the rest of the original lights and additional modifications offered by this company. 

    I would say the car probably has over 20 LED lights of various sizes as well as added modifications.  The pico lights I wanted to add were in addition to the supplied lights.

  • Hi Rob,


    Are there any LED's your aware off that might work on my project?


    Thank you very much for all your help.



  • Alexander Alaniz Hi Alex, I assume the 3A rating is to cover all of the other lights in the set (I've seen the kit online-- it is amazing and seems to have quite a lot of lights already).  Does it come with its own power supply, and if so, do you have a photo? (I realize this is a subscription, so you might not have the adapter yet)

    I'm sure our lights would work with the kit-- the main question would be how best to connect them to the main power in the rest of the kit.  Do you know what the power connectors look like inside the kit for the other lights?  If there were photos of the connectors, that would help a lot.   Also if there are specific areas in the model that you'd like to add lights, please let us know-- happy to make any recommendations we can.

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