IR controller board discontinued?


I am trying to buy the 4channel IR controller but it has been sold out since December. Is it discontinued?


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  • Hi Jeremiah, thanks for your note.  Yes, we are replacing the IR controller with a much better controller that uses radio frequency remotes.  Should be up in the store by March.

  • ah. I wonder how that will affect controllability with my raspberry pi-powered train layout. 

  • Jeremiah Shue Do you have the Raspi sending IR commands?

  • Originally I was controlling just the trains by Arduino IR, holding off on trying to integrate with Brickstuff until I had the controller board.

  • Jeremiah Shue It might be possible to take the 4-button remote and wire its four buttons to your microcontroller.  This would "trigger" the controls.


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    Rob Klingberg Hi , I just recieved #75192 version 2 kit. I'm disappointed in the change to the controller from  version 1. It seems at first glance that I am losing abilities. What advantages ( loses) have I gained?

  • Stearns You're not losing any features.  You've gained a ton of features over the original kit.  Just because there are fewer buttons doesn't mean there are fewer features.  We wouldn't put out a v2 kit that had fewer features.

    Here's a breakdown of the remote features in the old kit (infrared remote):

    1.  Main Power On/Off (Power Button)

    2.  Docking bay lights/mandible lights on/off (Button "A")

    3. Main engines on/off (Button "B")

    4.  Laser cannon on/off (Button "C")

    5.  Engine Flyby Sound (Circle Button)

    6.  Volume up/down (up/down arrows)

    7.  Play one of three random sounds (left/right arrows)

    So that's seven features with 9 buttons.

    Now, for the new kit with the RF remote, you have:

    1.  Short Press, "A" button: toggles between six lighting states/effects for the mandibles, landing lights, and docking bay lights, including two docking bay light effects that were not available in the v1 kit.

    2.  Long Press, "A" button: Main power on/off

    3.  Short Press, "B" button: Main engines on/off

    4.  Long Press, "B" button: engine flyby sound

    5.  Short Press, "C" button: firing of the laser cannon.  In the old kit, this was just an "on/off" setting.  You could not control when the laser actually fires.  With the new kit, you can fire the laser remotely whenever you want by pressing "C".

    6.  Long Press, "C" button: turn random laser firing on/off

    7.  Short Press, "D" button: play one of five random sounds.  The sound management system in the new kit is vastly improved over the v1 kit, so not only can you load 2 more custom sounds, you can tell the system which sounds you want to include in the random assortment.  This gives a ton more flexibility.

    8.  Long Press, "D" button: this last one is reserved for a future add-on kit that will "open" new doors.  That's all I'm going to say for now. :-)

    So there you have it: less than 50% of the buttons, more than 2x the number of features.  And most of the features themselves are improved over the v1 kit.

    I hope this helps clarify. Any questions or lingering doubts, let us know.  Meanwhile, enjoy your upgraded Falcon!

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    Rob Klingberg  So in essence the only thing I really lose with that controller is the volume up-and-down which I have to do manually now. OK now I have one more question for you, how do I get the  lower  laser cannon add on? Thx

  • Stearns You are correct, that's really the only thing you lose. If you'd like an add-on cannon, send us an e-mail at support(at) and I can send you a PayPal invoice. Price is $35.99.

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