Do 35-36 Gauge Solderless Butt Connectors Exist?

I have a couple coils of the 0.15mm 2 conductor wire from Brickstuff, which is amazing and lets me put lights in some otherwise impossible spots.

Unfortunately it's also a PITA to solder due to the size, especially if you use 3rd party LEDs which require soldering in resistors as well.

I was looking at solderless butt connectors, but the smallest size I've found are 22-26 gauge.

Does anyone make connectors small enough to use with the 0.15mm wire?  Gauge is probably 35-36 (0.143mm - 0.127mm).

Also as a tangential question, do the Brickstuff expansion boards have resistors built in?  I'm assuming no, since it's not stated.


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  • Hi, and thanks for your question.  I've never seen solderless connectors for magnet wire.  If you dip the ends of the wire in flux before soldering, it helps the enamel coating dissolve when solder is applied, making it a little easier to solder to LEDs.

    RE: your question about whether our adapters include resistors, they do not.  We're not able to put resistors there because we can't be sure how many lights a customer will connect to each output plug-- hence why we have resistors at the endpoint (the LED).

    Thank you again for your question, and I'm glad you are liking the magnet wire.

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