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I was wondering if I already had lighting on my Disney Castle whether it was possible to add the Fiber Optics spray? Thank you

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  • Hi Anne! Thank you for your message and for your interest in adding our fiber optic sprays to your castle. Yes, this is possible to do. You just need to order the fiber optic spray add-on, the split-level multicolor light controller, and a power source (either 3AA battery pack or USB cable) from our website. The first two items can be found on the main Disney Castle page ( https://www.brickstuff.com/store/p87/castlelights ) and the power supplies can be found here: https://www.brickstuff.com/store/c4/Power_Options.html .

    When ordering, please make a note on your order saying you want the multilevel effect controller to work directly with the fiber optic sprays, and we'll make sure to put a special program onto the controller before shipping that will let it work with the sprays.

    Please note, we won't be able to get to this order until later in the month because of the need to create the special program, so you can order anytime and we'll ship it when we have the special program ready.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and thank you again for your interest in our products!

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  • Yup, add-on question. 

    If I were to, say, be considering a fireworks "show" - independent and separate of the castle - are the needed components needed?  Meaning, a set of three fiber-optic sprays and the controller?  (Plus power, of course.)

    Bonus question: seeing the 1:2 branch, would I be going out of my swim lane if the setup envisioned 6 (2 sets) of sprays... or getting way too custom?

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  • Paul George We could do a custom setup with up to 2x of the spray assemblies (6 total firework sprays) controlled by a custom program on a TRUNK02 controller.  We've had some requests for these type of stand-alone fireworks shows but just haven't gotten around to making them as a stand-alone product.  If you wanted to order, just order 2x of the fireworks add-ons from the Disney Castle and one split-level controller (and an additional power supply if you need it), then include a note with the order that you want the custom stand-alone fireworks program.

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