ECTO-1 Using the Aux port for RGB-IR lighting

Rob asked me to post - so I will! I used the Aux port on the Master Controller to connect a Brickstuff extension cable to a Branch 03, placed behind the front axle. A 5cm Light My Bricks cable connects from the Branch 03 to a Light My Bricks IR RGB board, attached to an inverted 2x2 tile (so the IR receiver would extend just beyond the frame) in the same space. Two LMB RGB cables then lead from the two output ports on the IR RGB board - on the left side to three RGB strip lights (2 placed in the groove under the dark gray slope tiles under the doors, and then under the front bumper; 2 on the right side in the same areas under the doors and rear bumper) using RGB 15 cm extension cables as needed. [Video 2127]. Using the LMB RGB controller, I have a choice of 12 colors plus white, adjustable brightness, flash and strobe effects and fade/smooth transitions {video samples above}. The downside: an added controller to keep track of and the cost of the LMB equipment. The videos are workshop videos (awaiting some replacement parts) and not the final display location of the ECTO-1. The IR controller works nicely by just aiming the controller underneath the vehicle. (I have no doubt that a long RGB strip would also work placed in these areas on the sides, but I didn't have those on hand.) One just has to be sure the AUX port is tuned "on" first using the RF Brickstuff controller. Dr. Richard, Griffin, GA

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  • Great stuff, Richard Chewning !  Thank you for sharing.  Makes us think we need to create our own add-on for underframe tricked-out lighting for the Ecto. 😍

  • Did someone say RGB? Looks great!

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