Disney Castle Plug #9 Question

Disney Castle Lighting Set, V2 - Upper Level Adapter Board 09X has a vacant plug, #9. Is this vacant plug connected to a specific lighting pattern (IR control "A" or "B" button patterns), an inactive plug, or a straight (non-controlled) output? Thanks. [I know I could simply connect a light and observe, but I thought I'd save time and simply ask first!)

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  • Hi Richard, thanks for your question.  That 9th plug is not managed by the software-- it does not have any effect assigned to it.

  • Rob Klingberg Rob Klingberg Thanks again. Perfect. I may use it for an extra room light as one of the forum members did.

  • Richard Chewning There's no signal being sent to that plug though, so it won't light up. :-(

  • Rob Klingberg Thanks for the "heads up". If I find a dark corner after finishing, I'll split from another port. Likely I won't have to with your excellent design.

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