LEGO Vestas Wind Turbine #10268 (#4999)

Yeah, this one.  I confess a) I was excited... until I saw the $199.99 USD price tag.  And b) bummed that it's darn near the same as #4999, just with a few current motor/lighting twists that likely dove up the price.

For my money, I may stick with the #7747 already on the shelf, and light it up as-is.  So question, in a meandering way.  Since BrickStuff lights are way smaller, cheaper, and prettier (okay, that part's hyperbole).

Strictly speaking, tall aerials in the USA have the top beacon, and side lights are steady on.  Patterns vary by jurisdiction and country, so around the world the accuracy of blinks would vary.

Thinking lighting any of these with the aircraft as-is (then, no question) or with a small (?) modification: could the 50% bright, pulsing to 100% pattern, be dialed back as a 50% bright all the time option?  Why: BrickStuff lights are crazy bright (yea!), which doesn't necessarily translate in realism to scale for a taller structure.  (It shouldn't illuminate 5 street plates away) ;)

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  • So I Bricklinked the wind turbine itself and what I did was added the Red Flashng Pico lights to the trans-red cones on the top and used a PF power cable to power it off the motor connection.  I further hacked up a wall wart to drive the wind turbine itself, so no batteries.  I also made custom vinyl stickers.  You can see it here in my next project (along with the lighted billboards):

  • Love it!  And am equally enamored with the wall o' parts behind - well-stocked and nicely organized.  (If you ever consider a post on An Approach to Sorting, I'm always reading those.)

    Some time ago - I just wanted ANY windmill - we just Bricklink'd up the #7747 version, which the little one has since placed in her Friends' town (Emersonville):

    I'll also do the beacon on the top, but minus the power function (she'd end up putting her eye out if they rotated, no doubt).  Though thinking I'd like to add a mid-height blinky, so likely will just slap in one of the 4x4 round bricks with the holes to mount the lights in, subtle-subtle. 

    Parts on the way, photos to follow - though Jim's is way, WAY cooler!

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