2 Ambulances, A bunch of Brickstuff LEDs!

Hey there! I thought you guys might like this, I am using a 1x6 lightbar for the ambulance closest to the camera and for the ambulance in the background, 2 pico LEDs on an LEC .

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  • So awesome!  Thank you for sharing with us and also for posting on social media. :-)  Keep up the great work.  FYI we have some new lightbar and EMS lighting options coming soon, so if you're working on a rig and want a custom setup, drop us an e-mail through our website!

    • Josh
    • AFOL, Creator of Brickford City Fire and North Meadows County.
    • Josh
    • 6 days ago
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    Rob Klingberg Sure thing! I do want a full lighting system on both of them (as in the lightbar in the front, all the lights on the box and maybe head/taillights) at some point, but not sure how to do it in a cost effective, efficient, and well cable managed way without modifying the bricks at all. I will keep that in mind, Thank you very much!

  • Josh You bet.  Yes, modifying the bricks is the challenge.  We're planning a lighting system for vehicles that will only require modded bricks in the lightbars.  Lights should fit pretty much everywhere else without the need for mods.  I will be doing several demo videos using EMS vehicles from BrickDesigners when the system is ready!

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