Anyone attending the opera in Sydney??? :)

My son has a great love for some of the unique buildings around the world, and the Sydney Opera House as been one for a very long time (ever since he saw it on Little Einstein's when he was two or three).  So, since we both love Legos and we both love the Opera House down there, this one was kind of a no-brainer for us to do.

This was actually my first real lighting Lego project, and I have to admit, it is probably one of the easiest to do IF you are doing it during the build process.  The lighting around the edges (there are 28 in case you're wondering!) is extremely easy if you install the lights before you seal the base together.  Just take care to run the wires through the bricks carefully and I would STRONGLY recommend testing them before you start sealing up the base (just to make sure you don't have any shorts).

The blue lighting used in the top sections (we used 8 total -- two on each end of the large sections) adds a very nice touch to the overall appearance of the model as well.  Then are simply inserted beneath the longer smoked translucent parts used in those sections.  If you run the lights with enough slack in the wire, you just insert them before the base is completely closed and then lock them down beneath those pieces when you put them in place.

As with all of mine, I always use the USB power adapter and the button.  Just ensure that you have enough of the expansion boards to handle all of the lights; I think we wound up using 3 1x9 boards and several 1x4 boards.  You can use 6-inch connectors to tie them all together and then one extra 6-inch connector to take the power lead out to the button.

By itself, this is an impressive Lego model, but adding the lights to it makes it truly beautiful.  Questions and/or comments are always welcome!!

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  • Wow,  more amazing work John!  The blue lights are a great touch-- everything looks just great.  You're a lighting expert now!  Thanks again for the great photos and for sharing.


  • Looks amazing!

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