Mercedes Arocs Truck # 42043

We've received many requests to make a lighting kit for the LEGO® Mercedes Arocs truck (set #42043).  We've had the model in our shop for several months, thinking about how to create a kit that would be unique.  We wanted to include effects and remote control items (like turn signals and beacons).

After much testing and evaluation, we're close to finalizing what we think will be a great and unique kit in the market.  We're starting this Forum post so those who are interested can follow our progress and share their ideas and feedback.

One major consideration in the design of this kit has been the fact that some people (like us) choose to keep the model as a display/non-driving model, while others will be modifying their model following the advice of modders like Ppung Daddy ( to make their models movable.

 For those who choose to modify, we also need to take into account some will use the LEGO® Power Functions IR system, while others will use a 3rd party system like SBrick.

So, given all of that, how should we make a lighting kit?  These are the features we listed as "must haves":

  1. Working turn signals (front and back)
  2. Working headlights, upper front lights, and side running lights
  3. Rotating beacons
  4. Reverse lights

We tested several configurations of headlights, and in the end we decided to make a new assembly to include with the lighting kit that has four warm white Pico LEDs mounted into the large 2x2 round plate headlights in the truck.  Here are some (not so good quality) photos:

  Overall the headlight effect looks great.  We'll sell the lights pre-mounted into the headlight assembly.  The other LEDs we will be pre-mounting are the two front turn signal lights and of course the two top orange rotating beacons.

For the beacons, we will be using a new version that has four LEDs and one lighting pattern instead of the seven LEDs and 13 patterns our deluxe beacons have.  We made this decision for cost reasons-- each deluxe beacon sells for $49.99, whereas the basic beacons will sell for $18.99.  Overall the effect is very similar-- see this short video:

Here's a demo of the turn signals and backup (reverse) lights:

For the display model configuration, the system will utilize our infrared remote control module.  For the Power Functions IR or SBrick configurations, the system will utilize our new Power Functions power supply with variable/directional outputs.

Let us know your thoughts!  We expect this kit to be available later this month.  Price is TBD.

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  • I built the truck recently, considering how to add additional lights especially turn signals ...Can't wait to see the kit 

    Ronald D. 

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  • Any updates as to. When the AROC will be available?

    Thank you 

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  • Can't wait to get the lighting kit! When it will be available?

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  • How about working hazard warning lights?

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  • I believe shoild be this month which is rapidly coming to a clise 

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  • Hello everyone!  We are still planning to release this kit in the next 1-2 weeks.

    One question we're wrestling with is how to make a single kit that will work for people who use the model as a display model (i.e., no motorization) and also for people who have followed any of the commonly-available modification instructions online to add drive and steering functions to their model.

    Out of curiosity, for those who have commented on this thread, how many of you have a static display model and how many have a driveable/customized version?

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  • Rob Klingberg  Hello,  I will have a static display model.

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  • Hi  Display and runs , mostly it is for display. For the few times I run it having the lights flashing etc, adds to the model , friends enjoy seeing all the functions come alive 

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  • Thanks for your feedback everyone.  I'm finishing up the wiring schematic now, and will aim to finalize installation instructions this week, then the kit will be ready.  I'll post here again when it's up on the website.

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  • Hello everyone!  I wanted to send a quick update to let you know we have not forgotten about this kit!  We had to take a little detour here in the shop recently as we were fortunate to get a loaner unit of the new UCS Millennium Falcon for a limited time, and we needed to develop our lighting kit for that model before returning it to its owner.  Next week we'll pick up work on this kit again.

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  • Rob Klingberg  Hello, thats what i´m looking for , it looks amazing!!! <3 Where can i buy this kit??? Greetings from Germany.

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  • H. Mammen Thanks for your positive words.  We have been working on sub-assemblies and final part assembly for the kit, and we're 95% complete.  I'll post again here when the kit is ready.

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  • Rob Klingberg  Go go go. :) I want it.

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  • Hi guys, how its goin? I cant wait for buy. Your sample videos of rotating bracons are amazing! I would like to have my arocs light rc controlled, but cannot find anywhere on web. So i will be the first one who will buy it from you :) 

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  • Tomáš Kárný Awesome, thank you! Everyone has been very patient. The kit is complete, and we are now working on the installation instructions (see attached photo). We will have it available soon!

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  • Rob Klingberg really nice work! Cant wait to have it! Im waiting guys. Thx very much

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  • Tomáš Kárný As of today, photos are complete (see below for a few examples)!  Now, time to sit down and pull them together into the instruction manual.  The end result looked even better than I expected.  I need to find a large enough platform for my turntable so I can make a demo video of the kit-- hoping to do that next week as well!

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  • Hi guys, any news? :(

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  • Bought this Lego Technic set 2 weeks ago, planning to make it RC and add lighting. Not alot to find on lights, how to's and complete sets. This seems like a great set if it's about to be sold

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  • Marc Flinker Hi, thanks for your note.  If you will make your set RC, you will be interested in the new Power Functions board we are in the process of making.  It will have automatic turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights, all controlled by your PF controller/SBrick.  We hope to have a prototype of this board ready by January, after which time we'll resume work on the kit for this model.  We have been holding off because we know many people add RC and we want to be able to provide the effects.  Stay tuned!

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  • Rob Klingberg Cool!

    Still gotta figure out what I'm gonna do on the rc topic. So will be longer term. Might even wait till you have the setup ready and then do it all at once.

    Thanks for your response

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  • Marc Flinker i am waiting for the same reason almost a year :( 

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  • Tomáš Kárný That must be hard. But guess it's worth the wait. Seen from the movie it is the best option for lighting

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  • Tomáš Kárný I know it's hard to wait, and from the outside, it probably looks like we're not making progress on kits like these sometimes, so again, I appreciate everyone's patience.  As a small business, we have limited resources to develop new electronics, which is one of the things that makes our kits unique.  Unlike some of the other lighting companies, we don't just throw the same lights in a box and call it a new kit.  We know our customers want their models to be show pieces, so we work hard every day to live up to their expectations.   Unfortunately this means it sometimes takes longer than we'd like to release a kit, so again, thank you very much for your patience-- it means a lot to us!

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  • Rob Klingberg 

    Hey Rob, was this Kit ever released?

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