Palace Cinema # 10232

What do you recommend for lighting the Palace Cinema? All the popcorn lights on the outside make it... tricky.

I remember last year Brickstuff talked about a kit for the marquee, but I haven't seen anything about that recently. Any updates?

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  • Hi Tim, thanks for asking your question.  Last year, we created a quick guide showing an approach for lighting the Palace Cinema-- I've attached it to this post in case others find the document helpful.  We are also in the final stages of finishing the first batch of kits for the marquee (this is what you mentioned from last year).  The marquee kit will be the first and only lighting kit for the Palace Cinema to feature a true marquee, meaning it will have more than two channels of LEDs that are managed from a central controller.  While it is possible to squeeze some of our twinkling light strings into the marquee ( Jim Pirzyk did a great job of this in his Cinema), in this configuration each light flashes independently, not in a centrally-controlled marquee like in real life.

    Each marquee assembly has four synchronized control channels and 40 micro LEDs pre-mounted in the top and bottom marquee assembly.  They are amazing pieces of engineering, each taking more than an hour of hand-assembly to make.  I'll post some photos here of the kits in process when they're ready.

    I hope this information is helpful-- thanks again for your posting!

  • Thanks Rob. I look forward to when the marquee kit is available.

  • I too am looking forward to what you have done.  Were you able to light the front facing strip of lights?  I have not figured out how to run the wires behind the 1x2 jumpers.

  • Jim Pirzyk Let's just say there's more than a little detail work needed for each marquee!  The photo below is of the rough assembly stage-- the finished product will have cleaned-up wires and end connectors.  We want the result to be as realistic and amazing as possible.

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  • Wow! I was searching for marquee ideas for Lego and came across this thread. I'm working on a boardwalk with games of chance and wanted to have lots of flashing and chasing lights. It appears as if the cost of lighting four twelve by four boards of individual chasing lights would be hundreds, if not over a thousand dollars. How much is the Palace Theater marquee kit going to cost?

  • James Frederick Thanks for your post!  At this point the cost is still TBD, but definitely more than you'd probably want to extend out to a full boardwalk.  The complexity and cost comes from having the chasing effects synchronized-- in order to be synchronized, the lights need to be managed from a central controller.  If you're willing to have flashing lights that aren't synchronized, that can be much less expensive.  The trade-off is that the flashing is random for each LED.

  • Rob Klingberg Thanks for the input. I'm going to be thinking about this and weighing other options as I'm building the boardwalk and lighting other aspects. 

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  • Hi Rob, 

    How is the cinema marquee kit coming along?

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