Lego Millennium Falcon 75105

I was curious if there is a kit coming down the pipeline for the MF 75105 or what other users have done with theirs? I am thinking that some of the effects lighting that are in the UCS MF may be able to be used for 75105 even though it is smaller. But it would be nice to have an independent kit with the sound effects.

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  • Chris Templar Thanks for your post.  The challenge we'e had with making light sets for the smaller Falcon kits is the price-- people don't typically want to pay more for a light kit than they paid for their LEGO set.  That said, we may be able to look at some ideas.  What did you have in mind?

  • Thanks Rob. I was thinking of lights for the interior and engine (blue hose). I am still thinking about outside visibility lights. I think what I will do is piece out what I want to do and order it. I will post the after pics in the other forum topic. I like what you have here and I am not afraid to spend the money to make the MF look amazing. 

  • Chris Templar awesome. rather than order pieces, why don't you send me a list of what you think would work and i can double-check with my little falcon here in the shop and make any recommendations. i think the engine lights may need to be customized but then i have some other ideas for those that may work as well. you can send to when you're ready.

  • Sorry it took so long. It is still a WIP. But here is what I have done so far. Effects kit with engine glow connected to 4 pico lights. 2 are UV. A couple throughout the ship and two more UV lights in the cockpit. I also added the 9 port board for a few more lights needed inside and on the ramp. Two lights are in the front of the ship. I love your products and they made the ship look even better. 


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