Assembly Square Complete, lit, and on the COMPLETE Modular Street!

The Assembly Square modular is the best yet. Using Brickstuff components, the buildings come to life! They show up my earliest ones, which I think I will go back and improve wiring and brightness. Every modular is included here, even the Market Street.


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  • To add to this thread and to present a alternate to Hugh's wonderful work, I give you my latest lighting design.  I did not look at Hugh's work before I started because if I had I would have added lights to the turret windows, I really like the look of it.

    There are a few items I am pretty proud of in my design.  First is the sconce lights within the cafe.  It sets a nice mood.  The second is the Dentist chair light and finally the photographer's flash bulb.

    In doing my lighting plan I did have to make several not-pure modifications.  They included drilling out 5 translucent yellow 1 x 1 round plates to convert them to being 1 x 1 round plates with open stud (I really wish LEGO made them in trans-yellow).  The Polycarbonate plastic is harder to drill out than ABS plastic.  I also drilled out the gold fez pieces in the aforementioned sconces and I cut one of the pico LED wires so I could run it through the black hand stamp piece in the photographer's flash bulb.

    I also did some redesign of the ASQ.  I raised the floor up by 4 plates (1 brick + 1 plate) so I can put my wiring underneath and the building then can plug into my street for power.  You can see this in the night overall shot with the 4 wires in the base.  I also split up the ASQ so that I have a 16 wide section (the Cafe building) and a 32 wide section.  This was mainly done so I could easier transport the building to club shows.  My standard box size is 11"x11"x11" so this 48 wide would not work.

    Finally I have attached a schematic of my wiring layout.


    - JimP

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  • Jim Pirzyk Thanks for sharing your approach, photos, and schematic, Jim!  This is more proof that there's no one "right" way to add lights to buildings.  As always, great work.

  • Totally new to the lighting game, I tried Brand X, and it was just okay. I read multiple reviews stating that BrickStuff was the premier LEGO lighting system, and I live one town over from their manufacturing facility so I can support a local business too. Thank you especially Jim Pirzyk for the lighting diagram, that gives me an excellent starting point and a clue to how I can start to light my modular buildings too.

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  • Trevor Van Nevel your welcome!  Glad it is of use and I'm looking forward to seeing what different ideas you come up with.

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