Stand Alone MP3 Sound Module & 4-Channel Micro-LEC with Machine Gun Effect

Hello Rob,
I have for my dockingbay a Lego Laser Cannon (set 75034) and I'm looking the get light in synconised sound on that.
Therefore I have the gun effect board and the sound module and I thought taht will easily work when take away the button and connect the outlets of gun effect board with sound module . The idea was like that:

Unfortunatelly it doesn't work. Maybe my plan was to simple.

Any idea how I get this work, what I need to order in addition?

thanks, Helmut


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  • Hi Helmut, thank you for your message.  In theory this is a good approach, but the issue you are having is caused by the quick pulses of the light not being powerful or long-lasting enough to activate the sound module.

    For your setup, I assume you are looking for something like this: But with laser cannon sounds instead of machine gun sounds? We are just beginning work on a modification of the machine gun board to include laser sounds built-in. This might work for your setup-- please let me know what you think. Thank you again.

  • Rob Klingberg 

    Hi Rob,

    yes, that with laser sound is similar to that what I'm looking for.
    I need it for 2-3 laser cannons.
    Means I have to wait until you have your modified board with laser sound ready 🙂

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  • Hi Rob,
    any plans when you will have the modified board with laser sound ready
    thx, Helmut

  • Helmut Senft Hi Helmut, I just ordered the circuit boards for the new setup.  These should arrive by the end of the month, then we will get to work!

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  • Rob Klingberg
    Hi Rob,
    any idea when new board with laser sound will be ready?

  • Helmut Senft Hi Helmut!  Thank you for the reminder.  I have the boards now, which means I can focus on the sound.  Sorry if we've already discussed this, but is there a specific laser sound that fits with those cannons?  If you have a sample or video you could link to, I can see if we can replicate the sound.  Or we have some general laser sounds we could use, if there is no specific sound you're looking for.

    Thank you.

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