Palace Cinema, mostly done

Here is the outside of my Palace Cinema. I was not able to get a copy of the movie small enough to fit on the player, (that's the tv in the background,) but it's still pretty dang cool to have the movie screen playing newsreels. This is just the outside, and looking in the lobby. I still have one power slot left on my remote board, I was planning on using that for the spotlights, and one slot left on the inside circuit for the posters. Rob, I saw a reply to a forum topic about the snowspeeder from you that indicated you were soon to get the control boards for the rings you were showing me, so I'm really excited there. On the posters, if the backlight we discussed didn't pan out, I may just leave them how they are, kind of backlit from the lobby lights. If the solution you found does work, I found some transparance film for inkjets I can print out the Star Wars movie posters and backlight those. Let me know what you think.

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  • That is one awesome Cinema!  I think the panels we discussed will work out-- I'm waiting for some new prototypes to arrive, then I'll post the results.

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