Falcon Engine Lights - pulsing vs. solid?

I have a feeling the answer is "no," but is it possible to have the UCS Millennium Falcon engine lights stay lit in a "solid" light mode with no pulsing in brightness after the engine start sequence? It's mostly that the lights are quite bright and the pulsing light, when left on for a while, can get a little intense/distracting in low-light situations so I often turn it off after a few minutes.

Otherwise I love this kit. Guests have been so impressed and entertained by the lights and sounds. Truly brings it to life and makes it a fun, engaging showpiece!

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  • Hi, we're thrilled you (and your guests!) have continued enjoying the Falcon kit.  RE: the engine pulsing, it's a good question but unfortunately we didn't set up that feature way back when we created the code for the controller.  If you just want to have the engines be on, it should be possible to change their plugs and connect them to the OUT4 connector on the main TRUNK08 controller-- this is the same plug that powers the landing lights.  There are two extra BRANCH04 adapters and long cables included with the kit-- these were intended in case you wanted to run the power supplies away from the Falcon, but using those BRANCH04's and the cables, you should have enough connections to split the output from OUT4 so it powers the landing lights as well as both engine lights as well.  Of course then the engines won't work with the synchronized sound but would then instead turn on and off as a unit along with the landing lights.  Let us know if this works! 

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    Cool, thanks! I might try that but I think I'll leave it as is - the whole engine sequence startup with the synced sound is too cool and fun to take apart, one of the best parts of this kit (one that guests like), and I wouldn't want to dismantle that just for the sake of solid lights. But I appreciate the insights!

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