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Any recommended light kits for the new joker manor set?

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  • Wow, so many options here.  How much do you want to invest in lighting?  Any time there's a carnival-type setup with lots of round transparent plates lined up, the temptation is to make them all race like a marquee, but then cost becomes a definite factor.

    We don't have the set in our shop, but looking at the assembly instructions, I can think of the following ideas:

    1. Fireplace: 4x flickering LEDs (we had these in our setup for the Haunted House kit a few months ago, and could easily develop something for this fireplace that would look nice and which wouldn't require an external effect controller so cost would be lower).
    2. Transparent plates surrounding the front door: these could definitely be setup in a marquee effect.  A lighting effect controller and several daughterboard controllers would be needed (similar to what we set up for our Ferris Wheel kit).
    3. Flashing Pico LEDs behind the eyes of the large Joker face inside by the slide.
    4. Marquee effect in the two arrows on the inside of the house.  This would increase cost because of the need for 2 lighting controllers, but the effect would be awesome.
    5. Our spotlights shining up on the JOKER sign on the front of the building (maybe with two of them connected to our lighting effect controller with burned-out bulb effect to make it look extra creepy).
    6. Various assorted room lighting inside (maybe different colored lights on ceilings in different rooms).

    Again, since we don't have the kit ourselves, it's difficult to say definitively what would work and what wouldn't, and with a set like this, with so much lighting potential, the biggest limiting factor would probably be cost.

    What do you think?

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  • Rob Klingberg 

    I really like those ideas! I have attached a picture of the joker manor from the movie. I really like the strung lights from the tower thought that would be a cool effect. I do like the idea of lighting up the joker sign with the spotlights maybe in green? Or a marquee border around the joker sign? And the marquee effect of the door and arrows. Is there anyway the HA HA HA could light up and maybe have one of the letters have a flicker effect? I am unsure of the costs of all of these items I was hoping to keep this under $100 the exterior effects are more important to me then the interior ones.

  • Andrew T Thanks for providing the photo-- like I said, there is a LOT going on there that could be replicated in lights.  For under $100, though, you wouldn't be able to have any marquees or effect controllers.  You could do some flashing Pico LEDs and the spotlights for the signs, but probably not much else, unfortunately. :-(

  • Hey guys. I'm just thinking to build up the joker manor, and especially to motorize the roller coaster, as the 10261. The idea to light up these set, sound very cool, particularly the ideas of rob. To go more in detail, first I should build up the set. But maybe this is my next project. 

  • Oh wow, this set is really cool. After I build it up, I could see what Rob means. I think with this set, you don't have limits to light it up😊

    There are so many possibilities.

  • Freakmaster Right!  It's amazing, but cost would be prohibitive I think to light everything.  I'd love to see it done though!

  • Hello Rob Klingberg ,

    I'm just playing around with the lighting for the Joker Manor and wondering if you can use the Effect Controller to turn on the lights like in my docking bay. The lights should run one after the other in a circle ... is that possible?


  • Freakmaster Completely possible.  ;)   I presume we're talking about a "marquee" effect, or where the lights appear to chase themselves around in a circle.  (Your docking bay gave me the idea of runway lights for Santa Claus, - third photo/video and these are also seen in a few kits including the Ferris Wheel.)

  • Paul George 

    that's what I mean. How could I activate the "marquee" effect?

  • Freakmaster it’s a specific controller with the master/daughter boards... what controller are you using?  It *looks* like the 12-effect controller, but that one doesn't include a chase effect... exactly.  That one is a two-channel controller, so you COULD have alternating lights flash on and off, and dialing up the speed get close to the chase effect. 

    The marquee itself - a sequence of chasing down 3-4 lights, involves the a series of daughter boards in series - much as your Docking Bay setup was setup.  (This controller isn't - at last check - "on the shelf" online, rather, it's a special order/request via email + PayPal invoice.)

    Doable, but it's more and different parts... :)

  • Freakmaster We do have a marquee controller-- we sell it along with our handmade kit for the Palace Cinema.  Here's a demo:

    The way this works is that there are four total outputs on the controller.  Three are used for the sequential marquee effect (1,2,3) so you can connect as many lights to each of those three outputs as possible.  The 4th output is for flashing lights (on/off/on/off-- they are used in the front lights for the marquee as shown in the video).

    You could easily adapt this for your Joker Manor sign.  There is a speed dial on the controller, so you can make the lights chase as fast as you want.

    Is this what you had in mind?

  • Rob Klingberg 

    That's exactly what I had in mind😄

    I was not aware that I needed an extra controller for it. I thought I could use the Airport Runway style effect. I had overlooked the "pulsing".
    That means that only the "special" controller would suffice for me?

  • Freakmaster I think the special controller is the least expensive option-- the Airport Runway style effect requires one controller for every 3 LEDs.

  • Rob Klingberg 

    Ok, and what is the price for the controller?

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