New UCS Lego Star Destroyer 75252

Hello.  Wondering if there are any plans to make a lighting kit for the new Lego UCS star destroyer, 75252?  Lighting the engines would be a given, but wondering if there is enough room and support for sounds?  

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  • Hi, thanks for your message.  Yes, we are absolutely thinking about a kit for this impressive new set.  And there is more than enough room for remote control and sound.  What types of sound would you like to see?

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  • Rob Klingberg  thanks for the reply.  Good question.  Perhaps some engine noise to go with the engine lights.  Maybe some turbolaser blast sounds, and alarms?  Would be cool if it played the imperial march, but that might be too much, lol!

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  • Brian All good suggestions, thank you.  I'll look into seeing what we can do.  First of course I need to save up to buy the set! :-)

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  • Rob Klingberg  No kidding!  It definitely ain't cheap!

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  • Going to order the kit on 18 Sep (VIP). I would hope any lighting kit will include lights for the swivel guns.

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  • Bill Ryan That's definitely something we're looking at. When you get the kit (you'll have yours before we do), can you post some up-close photos of how the guns are constructed?

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  • Rob, the kit was just released yesterday (Lego VIP member). I ordered it and it has not been shipped yet. Once I receive it I'll look at how the guns are assembled.

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  • Found this on the web.  

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  • might be a bit tricky to light those, considering how small the holes are.  there are several speed builds on youtube if you need to see how they are assembled.

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  • These would  be tricky too.  same  small holes.  Do you think it would be possible?

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  • Brian Thanks for the photos.  We can definitely get lights inside there, believe it or not.  What I'd really love to see is if there was some way (using gears, etc.) to make the guns move in sync, like they were tracking a ship.  Let me know once you get into the build if that looks possible.  I'm guessing not given the solid plates below the guns, but let me know.

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  • We just started our build. The landing bay that the tractor beam brings the Tantive into should be lit for sure.  I really like the turbo laser idea. 

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