New UCS Lego Star Destroyer 75252

Hello.  Wondering if there are any plans to make a lighting kit for the new Lego UCS star destroyer, 75252?  Lighting the engines would be a given, but wondering if there is enough room and support for sounds?  

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  • Swagnik Roychoudhury Thank you for your feedback!  We definitely plan to have lights in other areas of the ship as well, not just the engines.  We are testing some tiny lights this week and hope to be able to finalize the design and share photos and videos soon!

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  • It's been a while, so wanted to see if there was any news on this. Thanks!

  • Austin Goodnight Thanks for checking in.  We're wrapping up a few Christmas sets, then will work on this again.  More info should be up by next month.

  • Rob Klingberg


    I would be very interested in a fiber optical kit for the lego star destroyer 75252


    Please let me know of any updates so I can pre-order.  

  • Brian Bille Thanks Brian, good to know.  Would you drill holes in your parts, then?

  • Rob Klingberg I would have no problem with that. I was considering modifying a 1/2700 model kit to add fiber optics but would rather have a kit built for it.

  • Brian Bille OK, good to know!  I'll see if we can incorporate this as an option.  But we wouldn't be able to provide instructions for installing the fiber, since we wouldn't modify our own kit.  I assume you're versed in this kind of modification?

    Would you also be looking for us to supply the fiber?

  • Rob Klingberg instructions are not nessessary as long as supplies are provided.  Would need the circuits, leds, plug in option, fiber to led connectors, drill bits and long length of fiber.

    What do you think the ETA for something like that would be.

  • Brian Bille Got it, thanks.  Right now our kit queue looks like this: first, finish the kit for the new Ecto-1, then finish the upgraded kit for the Ghostbusters Firehouse, then finish the SSD kit.  So likely in the next 4 weeks to have it ready for pre-order.

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  • Rob Klingberg  Hello once again! Any new updates on the kit? Thanks!

  • Swagnik Roychoudhury Just got the Millennium Falcon upgrades out the door-- SSD is next to work on!

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  • Hello! Any updates on the kit? Thanks

  • Swagnik Roychoudhury

    Hi, thanks for keeping after us for this kit!  We still have this on the list for a mid-2022 release.

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