LEGO Disney Train 71044

OK, so this is an absolutely magnificent set!  I'm currently in the process of building it, and I already have many ideas about how we could make this set even more amazing.

As always though, I want to hear from YOU.  What features would you like to see in this set that would make it even more special to you?  Unfortunately because LEGO changed the motor and control system in the train to the new Powered Up system, which does not allow for stacking connector plugs, we probably can't connect directly to the LEGO power source, but we're looking at alternatives to add lights and maybe even SMOKE to the engine and train.

Please post your thoughts below, and as always thank you for your passion and input!

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  • I have only built the train so far, but 100% agree at the "magnificent" adjective.

    Train needs a headlight, obviously.  Maybe the lanterns on the back of the enclosed passenger car, as well as the insignia on the back platform.

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  • Just got mine couple days back and am I'm the process of building it! Am liking the details of the set.

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  • Gonna be a busy end of year with Hogwarts and now the train.  The way the train station is lit at Disneyland  seems to be strip lighting.  Almost like white Christmas lights  all around the edges.  At night, later,  when the park is closed, they usually  only have the 'Christmas lights'  and the clocks lit to make a really neat silhouette.  All the  lamps, lanterns and typical lights are turned off.  Maybe it's possible to have a remote option for 'open' vs. 'closed'?  The smoke idea would be great.  Thank you so much!!

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  • Gregory Great suggestion about the Christmas-type lights.  Will see what we can do here. :-)

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  • I put a pico in the headlight, and ran the wire back to the cab to a coin cell pack.  It looks very nice and the wire is barely visible.

    I might extend the wire to the tender and put the battery in there, but for now I like it in the cab because it's super easy to get to the on/off switch.  I had to move engineer Mickey back to the blue&white car though.

    I also bought some rechargeable 2032 batteries to try out.  Hopefully they work.

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