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Have u guys made any progess on the ecto 1 roof lights strobe kit from the you tube video you posted saying they would be available in the spring of 2018 that has come and gone.  Been waiting so long to finish my ecto...... :(

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  • I have all the lights and everything already just need the effects board(s) please tell me what itll take to get it. Thanx

  • Dino Tempesti Hi, the lights and effects boards are actually 100% custom for this kit, not available separately, since we need to fit almost 30 LEDs into a very tiny space.  What LEDs do you have?

  • I have the whole car wired and lit up already just cannot get the proper light effect for the strobes. In jan of 2018 u guys posted a vid of a 6 channel effect board for the ecto 1 with the comment it was going to be ready for sale by spring. Thats what im looking for......

  • Please check out the youtube link at the end to see what im refering too.

  • Dino Tempesti OK I see what you'e referring to.  The video showed the larger effect boards, which are compatible with our Pico LEDs.  If that's what you're looking for and you have the Pico LEDs already mounted inside the LEGO parts, I can sell you just the controller boards that are shown in the video-- there are three total boards.  But you will need to cut and solder wires in order to make everything work-- there are a total of 21 LEDs in the roof, and only six plugs on the effect boards, so custom connecting wires and soldering are required if you want to do this yourself.  This is the reason we make the kit with the lights and wires pre-installed and pre-soldered, so you can just replace your existing Ecto-1 roof with our roof.

    If you want to do the do-it-yourself route, with cutting and soldering wires, let me know and I can send you a PayPal invoice for just the effect controllers.

    Thank you.

  • Rob Klingberg yes thay would be great. I didnt know u sold the roofs already premade i could not find them anywhere on your site. All i could find was the HQ kit. How much for the 3 efcects boards? Was i just not looking in the right place on the website to find the roof kit? And im fine with soldering and cuting. Ill feel more accomolished when its finished :) thanks for your help

  • Dino Tempesti Ok good, if you are ok soldering then this would work.  How many of our Pico LEDs do you currently have?  The full setup requires 29 total LEDs.  Several years ago we put together the attached diagram for people wanting to do their own lighting connections.  Have a look and let us know if this helps explain.

    Assuming you have all of the LEDs needed, the prices for each additional needed part are:

    • $17.99 for each 2-port effect controller
    • $28.99 for the 4-port effect controller
    • $4.68 for the BRANCH03 adapter board (if needed)
    • $3.98 for the BRANCH04 adapter board (if needed)
    • $6.99 for the battery box (if needed)
    • $18.99 for the BRANCH11 adapter board (if needed)
    • $5.99 for a 4-pack of 6" cables
    • $1.12 for the additional 12" cable needed to connect the headlights

    I hope this helps clarify-- please let us know if you have any additional questions, and if you would like to move forward with an order, you can send the list of items needed to and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

    Thank you!

  • Ok yea this helps a lot. I have most everything listed. All i teally need is the srobe effect for the light bars so i assume i need the 4 port effect controller. Just one more question, if there is a 4 port effect controller available, why is there only a 2 port effect controller listed on the web site? Are there certain items u guys offer that are not on the site that u only can get threw email request thanx again for all the info. Will defanitly be makeing more purchaces in the future

  • Dino Tempesti Hi, as I mentioned, the Ecto-1 kit is custom, so the parts for it are not on the website to order individually.

    So it sounds like you just need the 2-port controller for the roof and the 4-port controller for the roof as well?  Did you want the 2-port controller for the strobes under the front hood?

  • Already have a 2 port for the strobes by the head lights and the 2 port for the lights on the roof. I would actually just like to order 2 of the 4 port controlers for the light bar rotating effect please. Have another project i could use one on.  Thanks again u guys are very helpful. Please send me the info to order

  • Dino Tempesti Sounds good, I see your e-mail in our support system and will send a PayPal invoice for the 2x 4-port boards today.  Thank you very much!

  • Awesome. u guys rock. Defanitly looking forward to making more purchases in rhe future. Thanx again

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