Lego Ideas Lighthouse #21335

I've always loved lighthouses, so when LEGO released the beautiful Ideas Lighthouse (set #21335), I knew I wanted to do something really special to spruce it up.  Like, add more light, chromed parts, a real rotating beacon, sounds, and remote control.

This morning I had a chance to finally test out the first stage of the upgrade: the beacon.  I've been working for months to find the right mix of light, color, housings, and lenses, and today I think we've found the right mix!

I'm hoping to have the full kit finalized and ready for pricing and pre-order notification by December 2022.  Stay tuned!  And as always, if there are particular requests you have for features you'd like to see, post 'em here!

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  • That beacon is awesome! I immediately downloaded the instructions for the lighthouse from as soon as the set was announced, looking for ways to light it up better than how it was designed. I was thinking that replacing the original light in the tower with one of your 1-watt lights would work, but this is WAY better! Looking forward to building this set with your kit!

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  • Hello everyone!  I wanted to provide a quick update on our progress with this kit.  We have the chromed parts and the new circular light boards in stock, and we're working on making the slip rings (the parts that allow the beacon to rotate a full 360 degrees without the wires getting caught).  The current hang-up is with the power supply: I want to make this kit USB-powered, with an integrated USB-to-9V step-up regulator so you can connect to any standard USB adapter and power both the light/sound kit and the internal LEGO motor.  This means we need to replace the batteries inside the Powered Up battery box with a custom circuit board and controller switch, so that's what I'm working on now: need to make sure the controller board fits inside the battery area inside the PUP battery box.  I'll post more details here when I have them.  I know many of you have expressed interest in the pre-order, so I want to have that up as soon as possible.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • I'm excited to see this light kit completed. Maybe I missed something in the notes about this project, but I was wondering if it's possible that the beacons can also have interchangeable light colors that could possibly enhance seasonal events such as a red and green rotation at Christmas time, or color combos for other holidays? Thanks for all the great additions that your staff continues to create for so many outstanding sets! My wallet of course strongly disagrees, however.

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