Super Star Destroyer

Can anyone explain to me how to RESET the remote control for the super star destroyer kit?. Button A does not work and I understand the last position of the remote is retained in memory. I think I need to RESET the controller. How do I do it?

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  • Hi Istama, thank you for your post.  Sorry you are having trouble with the controller for the SSD!  There isn't really a way to reset the controller itself, but maybe we can get it working another way.  Can you answer some quick questions?

    1. Can you tell me when this started happening?  Meaning, was everything working well and then it stopped working?
    2. Do the other buttons/functions work?
    3. When you press the "A" button on the remote, can you look at the remote receiver board and see if the little light on the receiver flashes when you press the button on the remote?
    4. If the other lights/functions do work, can you try swapping the lights connected to OUT4 and OUT1?  This will connect the engine lights temporarily to OUT1 and the blue lights to where the engine lights are normally connected.  Then if you press button "D" and the blue lights come on, but the engines do not come on when you press button "A", then it's something on either the remote receiver or the main control board.

    Please let us know the answers to the questions above and we will keep troubleshooting with you.

    Thank you very much.

  • Thank you fr replying Rob. Apologies for this late reply.

    The answers to your questions are:

    1. Everything was working well, then I unplugged the remote and later on when I replugged it in, output 1 stopped working. I then unplugged the remote and put in another remote (I have 2 sets of the Brickstuff light set). Then buttons A and B on  the remote stopped working (the new remote with the new set). I then changed back to the other remote and then it becomes a total mess.

    2. Only buttons C and D works.

    3. The little light flashes if I push buttons A, B, C or D.

    4. Tried that. That is my guess, that I have to get both a new PCB and also remote set. I am just surprised that 2 sets got problematic. If this is the case, can I buy the PCB and the remote set separately?.

    Thank you again Rob. It is a pleasure to communicate with you.

  • Istama Siddharta Hi Istama, thank you for the additional details.  Yes, this is very odd.  Would you mind trying one more test for me?

    1. Pick one of the remote receivers and turn the power on (you should see the light on the receiver turn on).
    2. On the receiver, there is a small white button.  Press and hold that button for 10 seconds, until the light on the receiver board turns off.  This will clear the receiver of all its "remembered" remotes.
    3. Turn off the power, wait 5 seconds, then turn the power back on.
    4. Press the white button on the same receiver you just cleared.  Press for 1-2 seconds, then release.
    5. Take one of the remotes, and press any of the buttons.  The light on the receiver should flash, indicating that the receiver is now paired with the remote.

    After completing these steps, see if the problem is fixed, or if there are still issues.

    Thank you!

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