Just finished the Ferris wheel,

Now it is on to the carousel and the mixer, HOORAY!!!! I just finished builing and lighting the Ferris wheel with the Brickstuff kit, it is totally awesome! Wainting on the Powered Up remote to get here so I can run all of them at once. So, on to the mixer, which can't be lit. 🤔 Okay, okay, so the RIDE itself can't be lit, but both trucks, the trailer that mounts the ride, and the ticket booth will all be lit. But what about the RIDE? So I got a whole bunch of extra glow-in-the-dark parts to augment the ones that came with it, like replacing all the antenna parts that make up the fence with glow-in-the-dark rods, and more G-i-t-D parts for the arms, and I will use the 1 watt UV lights from Brickstuff to make them all glow. I am so excited for this one!

But I really can't wait to do the carousel. After very careful study of the instructions, the partially-built model, and the parts yet to go on, I THINK I can make a slip ring work. I like to light while I build, I don't want to take apart what I've built, so I am going to light the 4 lights on each of the 12 floor panels as well as lighting the top. My biggest fear isn't that I'll wire it up and then not be able to make the slip ring work, it is that after wiring and building it, it will be too heavy for the gears to turn, even with the motor. Any thoughts on that Rob? Any advice here would be much appreciated.

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  • Great stuff, Michael W Boatman , thanks for sharing it with our community!  RE: the carousel, that's on our list for later this year, so if you can wait a bit, I don't think you'll be disappointed.  😉

  • Rob Klingberg You drive a hard bargain, as I already have up through step 159, ready to assemble step 160 on the carousel. I have the first 48 of the 96 lights I would need, and your slip ring is in transit to me right now. As I mentioned before, though, I am worried that 96 lights and their respective expansion boards would make it too heavy to turn, despite having the wheels instead of just riding the gears as the mixer does. However, the Ferris wheel and the cinema are both incredible light kits, and I know the Falcon is going to be an astoundingly awesome kit as well, so I will trust you on this one. I have purchased every Lego set I have room for, though, and every set is in a state of suspension, awaiting your kit, or more lights, or your light function control board, (speaking of, any word on a marquee control board? Like maybe a 4-channel, 4-light-per-channel board that would be perfect for the mixer ticket booth?) or SOMETHING keeping me from building. Chomping at the bit, LOL! The Falcon is built through bag set 5, the mixer needs more lights, you get the picture. I added some in case, LOL. 

    I am beside myself with anticipation of the carousel kit now! Here's hoping the chip problem is on its was out the door.

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