Disney Castle Firework not fitting in Light cubes?

Finishing the fireworks but finding the fiber sprays are not holding in the light cubes very good.  The plastic white ends slip thru the grey circle Lego retainer with about 1/4 inch play up and down in the cube and results in more of  leaning firework.  Tried removing a layer of the cube but that was too much.  Wrapping the white end with electric tape to fatten it up but don't no if that will block the light?

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  • Hi, thanks for your message and sorry about the trouble!  We test-fit each spray before packing, but there's always some variance in the LEGO setup cube to cube.  If you'd like, we could send you some thick sticky squares you could mount under the LED board at the bottom of each cube-- this would raise the board up a little, and you could use the squares like a "shim" to add more or less height as needed.  If your electrical tape idea doesn't work, please let us know and we can put some sticky squares in the mail to you.

  • Rob Klingberg Its actually a height and diameter issue as on one the grey lego ring slips thru so I think shimming will just push it out the top.  I did get one to work by pulling of a layer of bricks just seems a bit finicky to fit.

  • Rob Klingberg Fireworks Perfection!! The sticky pad shim idea sparked the an idea... 1/2 x 2 inch craft foam wrapped around the base and then rebuild lego box around to compress.  Results are perfectly stable vertical sprays.

  • Rob Klingberg so now that the fireworks are nicely attached I'm having some difficulty with the "effect"... unlike the video that has shell launches and matching wall colors from the color spots the only light we get when short pressing D on the remote is from the firework boxes.  The warm whites on the base flash twice before it starts I don't know if that means anything.

  • Brian N Shannon Ignotowicz Great work getting the fireworks stabilized!

    RE: the effect, the kit you received is actually our "version 2" kit which has different effects vs. what's shown on the website (we will be updating the site soon).  The V2 kit has more features and functions compared to the V1 kit, along with having an improved remote, etc.  Unfortunately the shell launch effect was removed-- based on customer feedback, this just wasn't as popular as we'd thought, and it actually confused many people as they thought their lights were malfunctioning.  With the V2 kit, you have many more options for setting the colors and patterns of the top and bottom spotlights, but again the shell launch effect needed to be removed to make space on the controller for the enhanced color-changing spotlight effects.

    From what you describe, it sounds like your fireworks are operating as designed for the V2 kit-- my apologies that they are different from what you expected.  Hopefully the other enhanced features of the V2 kit will make up for the lack of the shell launch effect.

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