[WIP] DeLorean DMC-12 Timemachine (Back to the Future)

Today I finished the reasonably presentable Version of the DeLorean DMC-12 Timemachine, which where Designed by Dave Slater (you can get the instructions on Brickvault). The Design is amazing and in my opinion the possibilities to get light into this Modell are great!

I will start experimenting with it within the next week.

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  • Are you planning on realizing the underside flying DMC lights too? Can't wait to but the finished kit!

  • Ron Hebben Great suggestion.  Do those pulse or flash at all in the original film?

  • Rob Klingberg  start looking at time index 2:05


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  • Hello

    Thanks for picture

    This set is amazing.

    I want to build it, how can you make it ? 

    Thanks !


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  • hello,

    thanks for reply

    So, if I understand, I have to buy the notice?

  • Jonathan Benaim You buy the assembly instructions from Brickvault, and that includes a parts list which you can then use to purchase parts from individual sellers on bricklink.com. Brickvault includes information about how to use bricklink and order your parts. bricklink is like ebay but for LEGO parts.

    Just to set expectations, I checked the prices tonight for the parts needed to build the kit.  The smallest number of orders possible to get all the parts is three orders, but the cost there is $1,100 for the parts not including postage.  You can look for the lowest price, but that produces a total of 13 orders (so higher postage total) and a cost of $522 for parts.  Unfortunately building these MOCs is not cheap.

  • Thank you Rob Klingberg .  It's very expensive ....but result is amazing....

    you talk about bricklink, but is it possible to buy some parts on lego website ? maybe it will be less expansive ? I say that because I don't have the listing of parts...

  • Rob Klingberg  do you know someone who can share the list  for free ?

  • Jonathan Benaim 

    I think it wouldn't be fair to the designer to share their instructions or parts list. I bought the manual and ordered all the parts. Of course you have invest a littlebit of time to get all parts via bricklink and Lego, but in total I got there with about 350 EUR.

  • Jonathan Benaim As Freakmaster says, these designers work very hard on making great models and then putting in hundreds of additional hours to document them and show the rest of us how to build our own.  The instructions and parts list on Brickvault are only $30-- that's an easy investment, especially when you're looking at a premium model like this.

  • Jonathan Benaim LEGO do sell some parts directly on their website, but many of the parts in this set are either out of production or in colors that are out of production.  In these cases, LEGO would not sell them.  Also, in 90% of the cases, Bricklink is less expensive that going through LEGO itself.

  • I just realized, that I never send an update about the finished model with flux capacitor of Brickstuff inside. I love this product👍


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