Magnetic Power Connectors for Trains

We are working on some new magnetic connectors that will allow power to pass between pairs of connectors.   The connectors will fit inside the same size shell as the old-style LEGO train couplers (part #73092).  They will also have the same snap tabs on the ends as the original LEGO couplers, so they can be used with the various magnet holders (including part #2920 for trains).

Here are some photos showing prototype couplers:

   Inside train cars, these couplers will connect to our range of adapter boards to allow lights to either be placed inside train cars or to have power pass through a car to the next car(s) when no lights are needed inside a specific car.  Here's how those connections would work, at a high level:

 The magnets inside the couplers are roughly as strong as the original LEGO magnets, so in addition to passing power connections, the couplers can also hold relatively long trains together.

Of course these connectors aren't just for trains-- you can use them to pass power between modules of large dioramas or other sectional builds, which would make transporting to shows easier.

Look for these new couplers to be in our store next month (February 2020).

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  • Good evening all, Rob Klingberg just purchased a bunch of these connectors and I will be looking into shortly mounting into my train setup (Polar Express for my son - I have both a passenger car and the observation car I am looking to add light too).

    I have 2 quick questions,

    1) in the above picture (and from what I have read in the forums) these were originally mounted in the coupler. How did you achieve this, did you simply drill the magnet? Any other suggestions I could start from.

    2) In respect to wiring, which tabs on the back do the wires get soldered to, is it simply the outer tabs closest to the body of the assembly.

    Thanks again

  •  Scott Beasley Hi Scott, thank you for your post and for your interest in these connectors! We actually have 3-D printed some holders for the magnets themselves that make mounting into the standard LEGO coupler brackets much easier. If you'd like to buy some of these as well, please send an e-mail to support(at) and let us know what you need. Also let us know if you already have the old-style black LEGO coupler brackets ( ) or if you need some of these as well.

    To answer your question about soldering, you can solder any way you like as long as you maintain the same polarity.  We like to solder the positive (+) wire to the center pin and the ground (-) to the outer shell.

    Thank you!

  • Rob Klingberg Thanks for the information. I will send a request to the above email for the holders. I do have the old style coupler brackets so I am good on that front.

    Thanks again

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