Some questions of lighting kit for LEGO Disney Castle

Hello everyone,

I step in this place randomly, and it surprise me that I finally found a product what I looked for. There are no words to describe how I'm excited right now.

I already sent an email to Brickstuff of my questions, then I realize there is a user forums at here lol

About the product "LEGO Disney Castle Ultimate Lighting Kits with Remote Control", I have a few questions of it.

1. I would like to order "The INTERIOR + EXTERIOR BUNDLE" and "The Split-Level Multicolor Light Controller Add-On Kit". In this case, I only need to purchase one power supplies not three, right?

2. And I wonder if the product include instructions or tutorial helps me to install the lights in the castle?

3. I haven't built the castle yet, should I install the lights after I build the castle or during I build the castle? What's your suggestion?

That's all my questions, please help me, thank you!

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  • Hi  Ling Hsiung , thank you for posting on our user forum and for your interest in our lighting kit for the LEGO Disney Castle!  To answer your questions:

    1. Correct, only one power supply is required per castle (not per kit).
    2. Yes, there are fully illustrated, printed instructions included.
    3. Our kits are designed to be installed after people have built their LEGO sets, so the instructions are written assuming you have already built your castle.  There are some steps for the interior kit that do require disassembly of the center section, but this is also achievable after the kit has been fully built.

    I hope this information is helpful.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions, and thank you again!



  • Hi Rob Klingberg ,

    Thanks for the answers :)

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  • Hi Ling Hsiung - for whatever it's worth, I've installed lights AFTER building the set (Disney Castle set, Ferris wheel) and during the build itself (lighting the Ninjago City, a non-kit setup).

    As much as it "feels" easier to do during the build, in my opinion the build and wiring together can be a bit overwhelming -- and there will still be times where minor disassembly will still be needed.  Either way, having the instruction book and a brick separator [and a small pocket knife in my case] helped getting wires through some of the smaller spaces. 

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