Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Lighting Kit PLUS

Rob Klingberg

Hey Rob, After adding the traffic lights into the Ghostbusters HQ, I'm planning to give your Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Lighting Kit a little PLUS with the Vertical Power Connectors and your new OLED/LCD Screens with Classic Arcade Game Animations.

First Question to the Vertical Power Connectors. Do I need any additional parts to extend your Lighting Kit?

The other question is regarding your new LCD Screens. First of all I have to say, that I'm excited of this product...look amazing.

As you know, in the GBHQ is this little arcade machine.


Which Screen Size do I need for that machine? And as asked in the first question, do I need any additional parts to extend your lighting kit?

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  • Great idea to continue improving the Firehouse!  See attached for an updated wiring diagram, showing where the vertical power connectors would go.  I think you'd just need one additional A4 board for the 2nd floor-- I'm not sure if the wire on the vertical connector is long enough to reach down to the A4 board under the 2nd floor.  It may be, or you may need an additional A4 board.

    For the video game, to get it as small as the one in the kit, the only way is to use our pre-made video game unit:  That unit has a screen that is smaller than our 0.96" screen, which is what you need if you want to fit things into a 2-wide space.

    The smaller screen is mounted inside the pre-assembled game, but it is possible to take the build apart and remove the screen.  You could then see if it was possible to mount it into some variation of the GBHQ video game-- if not, you could always just use the pre-built unit.

    I hope this makes sense-- let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you!

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  • Rob Klingberg Rob Klingberg 

    Thanks for the diagram. Is there any change for the "Video Game" if I use the new MiniScreen, because the current "Video Game" has a flashing effect. For the mini screen I need an always on source?

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  • Freakmaster For the video game, we're looking at potentially making a custom video game replacement with our screen inside-- if we did that, it could connect to the same plug as the flashing LED that we include with the kit now.  So instead of plugging in the flashing LED, you'd plug in the complete videogame.  Again, this something we're looking at but haven't finalized yet-- the videogame housing would need to be re-designed to fit the screen.

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  • Rob Klingberg 

    ok, so I have to wait in ordering the KIT-VS09TH-ARCADE? I just preparing a bigger order, and thought to make my own redesign, but if there is a special connection needed, I have to wait.

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  • Freakmaster I'm back in the office this week so I'll have a look at the arcade game today and let you know if we will need to supply special parts or if the arcade kit can be made to work.

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  • Rob Klingberg 


    sounds good👍

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  • Freakmaster Well, some good news to report.  We were able to fit the video screen into a modified version of the GBHQ video game console.  Check it out:


    Here's a quick demo:

    Price would be $74.99 for the game (including LEGO parts-- the game would be pre-assembled).

    Is this what you had in mind?  We can start making them if you'd be interested in buying one.

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  • Rob Klingberg 

    👍 You're the greatest. Look really cool. I think with donkey kong on it, it would be perfect😉

    I will place an order later this evening... I Need some more lights.

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  • Yesterday I got the video game and tried to install it. The cables from the video game are very sensitive and every time I put the 1.OG and the EC together, a disturbance appears and the picture fails or displays an error. I have certainly rebuilt it 20 times in different setups  and never made it without errors, even though I have already completely relieved the cable. I have some ideas and will test it tonight. Yesterday I tested so much that the cable of the Table Lamp in the 1OG was demolished ... I will probably have to reorder.

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  • UPDATE! When I use the 3xAA Battery Pack SEED01, I get the aforementioned issues. If I take a power bank with 1 or 2A then it runs without problems so far.

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  • Finished with the Vertical Power Connectors and the new Video Game.

    More Pictures and videos on my Flickr

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  • Freakmaster Nice!  It looks really good.  I'm not surprised about the issued with the battery pack: now that you have the videogame in there also, there is a bit more power consumed by the entire setup than the battery pack can provide.  All works though when you have it on the stronger power supply?

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