Docking Bay 327 for Millenium Falcon

Hey guys,

First of all, I'm from Germany, so hopefully you understand my english馃槈

I'm new in lightning own Models and need some help regarding the equipment I'll need. Until now I've got only the Ghostbuster HQ Set from brickstuff, and for me it's a really amazing solution.

If I have seen the new Millenium Falcon Set, I've pre-ordered it, and now (of course) I would like to light up my Docking Bay 327 (the new home of my Falcon).

As I said, I only ordered finished Sets until now, so I don't have any Idea, what items I have to order. Attached you will find a picture of the airstirp with some notes, what I'm planning. 

For clarity, the two lines on the outside should be "always on" and the two in the middle

should blink like at an normal airstrip >>>> Maybe you could help me.

Looking forward of your assistance.

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  • Here the new Idea with the additional lights. I think it would be cool, if there some additional red blinking lights. The wires could be on the backside as well as the (maybe) additional needed LEC. Please let me know your thoughts.

  • The Opposite picture you can find in one of the previous posts, as well as the "allways on" light you could see near the valve. The technic I used for these lights see on the picture 

  • Freakmaster Thanks for the photos-- the model is really shaping up to be amazing!

    I like what you're proposing with the red lights.  Some questions:

    1. Can you draw for me which section of the model (1-2-3) each red light is in?
    2. Do you want the red lights to flash together, or independently?  If they need to flash together, we can do that, but it will be more expensive than having each light flash on its own.  Please let me know which option you'd prefer.

    I have a rough drawing done of the setup.  I can update it with the additional lights once I know more about the questions above.

  • Today I've finished everthing. I will send you picutres of every single Modul this evening. 

    Answer for your questions:

    1. Yes will do that

    2. I think yes, because it looks great if the lights are blinking coordinated.

  • Here you get an overview of the finished Model (some details are missing, but for orientation it should help) The Second picture shows you one of the connections.

    Details per modul in the next post.

  • Rob Klingberg 

  • And an Update of the Backside

  • Thanks for the photos-- definitely helps. OK so can we have all the wires from the new red LEDs come out of the back of the module, like the lines in your photo above?  The controller modules would need to be taped to the back of the panel, as each LED has only 12" cables.  I would set it up so the control modules for the new red lights are extra, meaning they come at the end of the chain.  There will be separate plugs to connect between modules on the sides.  Will this work?

  • Rob Klingberg 

    That the wires are on the backside of the model like the lines in my drawing is ok for me. If I understand you correctly, we need for each red LED an extra Controller? Sounds expensiv? Is there the only Problem, that the wires are to short?

  • Freakmaster Hi, we don't need an extra controller for each LED, but we will need a total of two more controllers (one for the LED in section 3 and the first two in section 2, and then another for the last LED in section 2 and the others in section 1).  The issue isn't the length of the wires-- it's that, in order to flash together, each LED needs its own connection on a controller board.

  • ok, waiting for your offer馃榾馃憤

  • Freakmaster , Im currently in the process of building a similar setup with Leds and control units and was wondering what is your plan for the majority of wires and control units ? 

    Are they going to be under the plates and within the brick frame work of the modules ? Also have you planned for any way to access the parts once the model is complete 

    Thanks !

  • Tom Moisey  As you could see in the posts before, the plan is to bring the wires under plates. to connect the moduls Rob has shown a new possible connector. For the LEC with button, I've got the plan to place it on the backsite of the modell. For all other connectors I don't have the plan to access it after building.

  • Hi Freakmaster ,  sorry for the delay in responding-- busy week!  Here's the layout and parts connections *before* adding the red lights-- does this look correct?

    The plugs with the red dots are 2-wire plugs, and the plugs with the blue dots are 3-wire plugs.  I think I have the lights arranged correctly (in the right sections of the model), and the connections between sections should make it easy to disconnect and transport (though there will still be multiple connections between sections).

    If this looks good to you, I'll go ahead and add the new flashing red lights to the diagram.

  • OK, had a few extra minutes to update the diagram.  I think this now incorporates all of the additional red lights (flashing and non-flashing) that you wanted.  The diagram got quite busy, but all of the connections should be correct.  I decided to add a second LEC to handle the flashing lights, since you want them to flash together-- this was actually less expensive than adding more A9 daughterboards to the chain coming off the main LEC.

    Have a look and let me know what you think:


  • Rob Klingberg I would say "approved"馃憤馃榾

    Looks really good and in my opinion all my wishes are included. So please send me an "special" offer for that project. Please consider, that I'm also made a pre-order of the millennium falcon馃槈

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  • Freakmaster Ok cool thanks. Im currently trying to rework it so I can hide everything within the lego so everything hidden .. As you can imagine its pretty difficult 馃槬

  • Rob Klingberg

    I know you have a lot of work in finishing the Millenium Falcon orders, but please don't forget to send me the final offer馃檪

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  • Freakmaster Thanks for the reminder- we're working on it. :-)

  • Freakmaster That looks absolutely amazing.

  • Freakmaster You've been very patient as I've been finalizing the design for your landing bay.  Happy to report that I am done building the lights, and now it's on to writing the operating code that will make all of the effects.  Here is the setup in my shop today:

     It looks like kind of a mess :-) but this is a functional setup to make sure I have all the lights needed and that they are connected in the right sequence.  All of the wires you see in the photo will be hidden below your deck, so the end result will look much nicer.

    I'll post some videos soon of the effects in action, and you can let me know if all looks as you want it.

    Thanks again for your patience!

  • Hey Rob Klingberg 

    it look great on the first view. But theses are note all lights, right? I'm looking forward to see it in action. The red blinking lights will also get round plate in transparent red, or?

  • I admit I'm in awe - this is quite an undertaking both by Freakmaster and their design genius, and Rob Klingberg  and the team to put it all together!

    (And the red blinking lights don't seem to be present - yet... the center clear round plates are the lights, and the 1x6 plate sized items are the controllers for the sequenced lighting - much like the Ferris wheel, I'd speculate.)

  • Freakmaster Don't worry-- they're all connected.  You can't see the red ones in the photo, but I've mounted them into jumpers the way you showed me you built them into the model.  When I post a video of the final setup, they will be there.


    One question: for the flashing red lights, what kind of "flash" do you want?  Check out the video at the bottom of this page:

    Do you want a flash like the one on the left, the one on the right, or something else?  If you have a video showing the kind of effect you're looking for please post it.  Thanks!

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