Docking Bay 327 for Millenium Falcon

Hey guys,

First of all, I'm from Germany, so hopefully you understand my english馃槈

I'm new in lightning own Models and need some help regarding the equipment I'll need. Until now I've got only the Ghostbuster HQ Set from brickstuff, and for me it's a really amazing solution.

If I have seen the new Millenium Falcon Set, I've pre-ordered it, and now (of course) I would like to light up my Docking Bay 327 (the new home of my Falcon).

As I said, I only ordered finished Sets until now, so I don't have any Idea, what items I have to order. Attached you will find a picture of the airstirp with some notes, what I'm planning. 

For clarity, the two lines on the outside should be "always on" and the two in the middle

should blink like at an normal airstrip >>>> Maybe you could help me.

Looking forward of your assistance.

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  • Rob Klingberg 

    Hey Rob,

    now I've added a video with the falcon and the DockingBay327 ground lights are always on, for this video.

    I will come back later this week, with another crazy Idea, who we could bring your lights in combination with this Model to perfection. I've to prepare some pictures first, and than we could discuss, if my "brain fart" will work馃榾

  • Freakmaster Thanks for sharing the video-- that setup looks amazing.

    Interested to hear more about your "crazy" idea!

  • Rob Klingberg 

    ok, here we go. It takes some time, because I was travelling a lot, but now I'm back for building LEGO;-)

    So here's my idea:

    If it would be possible to use your Vertical Power Connector (BRANCH-2PINV), one on the floor of the bay, and one on the underside of the (let's call it) feed of the Falcon, I could use the Power of the Bay to provide the Falcon as well with this power.

    See picture below... but what is the reason, to use this method... see next post

  • The reason it, that I could use the free space in the Falcon for two additional rooms

  • I added already the Crew Quraters with one additional LED, but I also need another one here. The original Mod for this room I've taken from BLOCKS Magazine.

  • The second new room are the smuggling compartments (also taken from BLOCKS Magazine), but currently the space here is reserved for two LEGO Battery-Packs.

    If I use this new way of getting Power to the Falcon, I could max. upgrade the Falcon;-)

    A picture of the smuggling compartments I could send you via email, because I don't know if I will get copyright problems with BLOCKS Magazine, if I post a picture from them.

    So the first question is, could this work?

    How many Power-In (connectors) will I need? As you know the setup of the Falcon, as well as the setup of the Bay, you could tell me, if there is a chance...

    In the smuggling compartments I also will add two additional LED's

  • I think this could work.  What would make it difficult is that the positioning of the Falcon would need to be 100% accurate on the floor, and if it moved at all, the lights would disconnect.  Even if it got bumped, the lights would disconnect.  You could do it with two sets of connectors-- one for the LEDs and one for the sound.  We make the connectors in DBG so they would fit pretty well with the color of the Falcon.

    What do you think?

    I have the BLOCKS magazine, so I can check the design of the additional rooms.

  • Hello Rob Klingberg .  Life is finally slowing down and I finally have some time to dedicate to getting this project completed.  I would like to move forward on getting the lighting for my docking bay.  I've separated the bricks you will need for the LED install, but had two situations to solve.  1. I have two light sabers I'd like to have lit as well.  Are you able to do these and do I send them to you as well?  The to light sabers will be in close proximity to the two always on lights in the Vader/Obi-Wan duel "shack" and can likely be plugged in to the same board (I'm assuming 4 LEDs can go on one board.)  2. I also wanted two additional red lights which will be close to the solitary blinking red light on the opposite side of the display from the large grey wall.  These two additional lights can also go off of the same board as the solitary blinking red light.  The two additional blinking red lights I do not have a LEGO solution for how they will be mounted.  Would I be able to mount the lights myself?  They will not be in jumper studs for sure and likely not a brick either.  Possibly a 1x1 cone but I haven't decided. If I cannot mount them myself, just keep in mind my design so I have the board space over in that corner so I may add them down the road, even if I have to send them in to you once a solution is found.

    I'll need instructions to send the LEGOs to you, and do you want the lenses sent too? 

    Just as a reminder, mine will not be modular.  

    I'll add a little current status picture for those curious. 

  • Brian Haggard Hi Brian!  Thanks for checking in.  The docking bay seems to be getting more and more popular-- we're working with two other customers on an order of lights for their bays also.

    Can you send an e-mail to so we can start tracking this discussion in our system? I can send you a quote and wiring diagram from there, so you can see what's involved and let me know if you need to tweak the setup at all.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Rob,

    just checking in. I sent a reply with tweaks on Tuesday and hadn't heard back. You guys have always been super quick to respond and I seem to have issues when I send emails with attachments sometimes bouncing back weeks later. Let me know if it didn't go through. I'm excited to get my lighting kit!

  • Brian Haggard Hi Brian, thanks for the follow up and apologies for the delay.  Busy week!  I'll reply asap.  Thanks for your patience.

  • Hi 


    I'm new to all this but have just got the new UCS Falcon and am now thinking to look into building this dock approx how much does all the lighting cost? is there a sound option?

    Is there a dedicated kit for the lighting?

    Anybody know anyone that maybe selling the bricks needed for the dock?


    Any info greatly appreciated this will be my first major build

  • gary chapman Hi Gary, thank you for your note, and for your interest in the docking bay light kit.  If you'd like to send us a note through the contact form on our website, I'd be able to send you a quote with options for lights.  As for sound, our lighting kit for the Falcon ( includes sound for the Falcon and also an option to add additional custom sounds of your own, which are then activated by the remote included with the Falcon kit, so if you had the Falcon kit you could put some docking bay sounds on there as well.  The main Falcon website has details about the various kit options for that set.

    There are several plans out there for variations on the docking bay itself.  I think this is the most popular:

    Parts for that cost between $1200 and $1700 depending on where you buy them and what's currently available. On the Rebrickable site, you can download a parts list and upload it to which is where most people buy bulk bricks. There are any number of tutorials online about how to upload Rebrickable parts lists to Bricklink.

    As for the lighting kit, we've had such strong interest that we are considering making a stock lighting kit for the Rebrickable model.  Again, if you want to e-mail us through our website I can reply there with details.

    Personally, we are hoping Santa brings us the bricks to build our own docking bay. :-)

  • Sorry to revive a year old thread. However I'm interested in a lighting set. I've already built the MOC but the parts came with some real substandard lighting products. I have a few friends that have brickstuff lights in some of their builds and I was totally impressed. Like the first project on the tread Id like to have the approach lights Marquee with the outer ones steady. 

    I appreciate any help.

  • Marc Haering Hi Marc! Thank you for your note and for your interest in our light kit for the docking bay. If you can send us an e-mail to support<at>, we will be happy to send you a description of the kit showing components, placement, and pricing.

    Thank you again!

  • Falcon set is always a legend in StarWars

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