New Millennium Falcon # 75192

We've received many questions about our plans for a lighting kit for the beautiful new Millennium Falcon (LEGO set #75192).  We have developed a kit for this model that includes not only lights, but SOUND as well.

We're working to get the kits ready for shipment beginning in February 2018.  There are so many amazing features in the kit that we had to create a website dedicated just to the kit:

Plenty of photos, videos (with sound!) and detail about this amazing kit.

I'm starting this new Forum post so anyone out there who either has the set or who has ideas about what they'd like to see in a lighting and sound kit can let us know.  We're still early in the process, so make your voice known!

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  • James Hodson Hi James, thanks for your post.  If you look at steps 94 and 96 in the online instructions, it explains how to tell the TRUNK08 controller that you have the secondary cannon installed.  After the controller knows about the second cannon, it will fire along with the top cannon.

    Please let us know if this solves your issue.  Thank you!

  • Stearns Hi, absolutely!  You can read all about it here:

  • Rob Klingberg  I have tried to follow the steps 94-96, and they are not working.  Would it be possible to take this off the forum to try and resolve?

  • James Hodson Definitely! If you could send photos or video to support(at), we can take it from there.

  • What is the status for the delivery of "June 2020" orders?

  • euisung Hi, thanks for your note.  I'll be sending an e-mail to everyone in the June batch soon.  June orders were planned to start shipping at the end of June-- at this point we should be on target for that.  More details to come in the newsletter.

  • Hi all!

    I recently bought the USB option and I read in this thread I can't use one USB powerbank to power it all due to the sizeable power requirements of the sound module.  I also read about the recommended 15.000 mAh. I found a USB powerbank which can deliver 20.000 mAh and has two USB ports.

    Would it be possible to connect the sounds and lights to this one powerbank? Would the sounds and lights run long enough (soo... what is your definition of long enough?)?

  • Tim Uijtendaal Hi, that powerbank definitely sounds like it has enough power.  What does the output say?  It should say something like "5V 2A" or something like that.  You're looking for at least 2A, though 2.4A is better.  The main issue besides not delivering enough power when both outputs are connected to the same power supply is that the laser cannon may not turn off.  If you have that issue, your only option is to separate the power supplies.

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  • Rob Klingberg Thanks for the advice! The possible issue with the laser cannons not shutting down is certainly a good enough reason to use seperate powerbanks.

    the output of the power bank I found is 5V, 3A. So more than enough oomph. 🙂

    to be on the safe side and avoid possible nasty glitches I’ll switch to two separate powerbanks.

  • Tim Uijtendaal Sounds good.  Also FYI there is no physical or electrical harm that would happen if you connected both to the same powerbank, just the risk of humming or buzzing in the speakers (not damaging), and the issue with the laser cannon.  So you could always try the two sources connected first, and if you have any issues, then separate them.  We tell customers to use the separated power sources because many don't have supplies that generate as much power output as yours.

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  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the encouragement, really appreciated.

    The route you suggest is the one I was thinking about.

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