Ordering problems?

Hoping that someone can help.

I placed an order yesterday and I was supposed to get an email "shortly" after placing the order, but I still haven't receive an acknowledgement.

I've sent an email through the Contact section, but still no replies. 

Has anyone had this issue before?

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  • Hi Kim, thanks for your order, and thank you for posting on the forum.  I just sent an e-mail reply to your address with a copy of your order confirmation e-mail which was sent yesterday.  Sometimes these e-mails end up in people's SPAM folders, or your company's e-mail server may have rejected the e-mail.  Unfortunately, in either case, we never find out until someone posts a question like yours.

    Rest assured, we have your order, and are working to get it shipped out. Once it ships, two additional e-mails will be automatically generated: one from the same server that sent the original confirmation e-mail (which will likely not make it through to you), and another from stamps.com with your tracking number (hopefully this one will make it through). If you don't see at least one e-mail by tomorrow, let us know and I'll send you your tracking number manually.

    Again, thank you for your order!


  • Rob, thanks for the reply....and no email yet. :)  Not even in the Junk folder. :)

    Good to hear the order is being processed and I'll watch for the emails tomorrow.  I'll let you know tomorrow....and thanks again as I'm really excited to try these lights, etc.  I have the Parisian Restaurant and the Assembly Square that I want to start lighting.

  • Kim Doyle Grr it's always frustrating when our communications aren't making it through to our customers! :-) I packed and sent your order today-- let me know if you see anything from stamps.com anywhere in your e-mail. Thanks again Kim!

  • Rob Klingberg Rob, I did get an email from Stamps.com like you said....but you were right in the fact that the second email never came through...not even to the Junk folder. :)

    I have a tracking number now....and again, thanks for the replies and the help to forward emails directly if needed.  So far, great customer service!!!

    Now just hoping the order gets across the US-Canada border without issues. :)

  • Kim Doyle Glad you at least got the e-mail with the tracking number.  Border crossing shouldn't be an issue-- we have many Canadian customers, and people haven't had issues in the past.  Fingers crossed!

  • Package arrived!!!  Just want to say I'm amazed at how easy the lights are to hook up....

    So now I have a question because I need to order a few more lights, but the boyfriend mixed up all the Cool White and Warm White lights on the table as he was eager to check it all out...and I want to order more of the "yellowish" ones vs the more "whiteish" lights, but can't figure out if that is the Cool or the Warm.  So I'm hoping you can answer this stupid question for me. :)  For the yellowish pico lights, do I order Cool or Warm?

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  • Kim Doyle so glad your order arrived and that you're enjoying your lights! The "yellowish" ones are the warm white.

  • Great customer service too!!  Thanks, I'll be placing another order today...now that I know the "yellow" ones are the warm white.

  • I did place another order yesterday but haven't gotten the Stamps.com email yet....any way I could have 2 switches added to the order?

    If not, no worries....just thought I'd ask.

  • Kim Doyle Hi Kim, thank you for the additional order!  Happy to add two switches to the order-- did you mean our pushbutton switches with indicator light?  I can send a PayPal invoice for these additional items.

  • Rob Klingberg Yes it was the push button switches so I can turn upstairs lights on and leave the street lights off.

    i currently don't have a paypal account so I was hoping you could add to the same credit card I had used for the recent order?

    or would it be easier to just place an order on the website now and you could ship it all together?

  • Kim Doyle Hi Kim, we don't actually see/keep your credit card info (that's handled through out payment processor), so unfortunately I can't bill you directly.  With a PayPal invoice, you don't actually need a PayPal account to pay-- you can use any credit card.

    One thought about control options-- have you looked at our new infrared control module?  It actually has four channels of control (vs. two buttons) and the cost of that module plus the infrared remote control needed to operate it is actually less than two buttons.  It gives two additional channels of control (for future expansion), and you can control everything remotely.  Just a thought-- let me know what you think of this option vs. the buttons.  Thank you!

  • As I'm noticing, great customer service....and yes, I prefer your option.   How about I just do up another order right now....no paypal stuff.  I'll order the infrared control module and the remote control as well.  Give me a minute or two and you'll see the new order.

    Hope that works for you.

  • Rob, I just noticed that I would get a shipping charge if I do a whole new order for the remote and the control module.....so just add them to the shipment and send the Paypal invoice. :)

    Sorry for this....Paypal invoice for the 2 additional items Please. :)

  • Kim Doyle thanks Kim! I'll send the invoice later today. If you don't see it by tonight, let me know.

  • Thanks....I'll watch for the invoice....and the stamps.com email.

  • Kim Doyle 

  • Kim Doyle Got the invoice.  So easy to pay it too.  Thanks for the advice on product and payment

  • Kim Doyle Thanks for the quick payment!

  • Rob Klingberg yep😀 Hoping it all works out and now I'm just waiting to see the stamps.com email so i can track the shipment.

  • Kim Doyle Just sent your orders out today-- hopefully you received at least one confirmation e-mail. :-)

  • Rob Klingberg 👍 I got a tracking number.  Thanks again for the help.

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